Advances in technology continue to be rapid in the modern day world. BIH recognise this and continue to remain ahead of competitors by adopting new technologies and the benefits they offer.

  • Being one of the first design companies to adopt 3D modelling software, our experience is substantial and the proficient use of modelling software such as SolidWorks® and TEKLA® has led to us being well respected as prolific users.

    Relationships with developers have been forged as BIH continue to push software like SolidWorks® to its highest capabilities to produce the most detailed and accurate models possible.

BIH have a ‘toolbox’ of products used for design, not just one specific package – a carpenter doesn’t just have a hammer and chisel but a collection of tools suitable for specific tasks. BIH realised this long ago and as such do not have just one structural programme or one drafting programme. This allows BIH to select the right programme for the right job, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and quality.

The technology BIH use is not just selected for use in isolation. We have found that in all aspects of business, communication is critical. In structural design and piping analysis there has always been a chicken and egg situation where one analysis upsets the other but this is being redefined with new integration processes. Working closely with Bentley systems, BIH have successfully integrated the piping analyses performed in AutoPIPE® with the structural designs built in STAAD Pro®.

The technology BIH use is not just selected for use in isolation. We have found that in all aspects of business communication is critical. Structural design and piping are interactive and one analysis can upset the other, this is being constantly redefined with new integration processes and communication within the BIH design team and our Clients. Working closely with our piping software we are able to produce advanced seismic, wind and pressure wave calculations as well as dynamic and non-linear analysis.
This can then be integrated with the structural designs and provide our Clients with a reliable, optimised design minimising clashes and making an important contribution to the BIH overall engineering excellence.

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