Approach 01:

There are two design options:
1) The radiant module is installed onto a permanent base frame so that it can be designed to be jacked-up and driven on and off a ship and on to the heater foundations using Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMTs). Temporary steelwork is required to brace the module and process coil for transportation loads. The size and number of SPMTs needs to be considered in the foundation layout right from outset of heater engineering. Please refer to the 3D screenshot below taken from another BIH project.

2) The radiant module can be designed to be lifted on and off a ship and subsequently on to the heater foundations. This requires large heavy lift crane(s) in addition to SPMTs. A significant temporary steel base frame/skid is required for transportation which is removed before installation onto the heater foundations. See example pictures below taken from previous projects where box type heaters were designed for lifting.

Image 1) Very large box type heater transported from heater fabrication shop to dock side using SPMTs

Image 2) Heater lifted on to ship using ship’s crane. Temporary steel base frame (in yellow and red below) can be seen.
Box heater leaving heater fabrication shop on SPMTs

Image 3) Heater lifted on to foundations using heavy lift crane. Temporary steel base frame has been removed.
Box heater lifted on to ship using ship’s crane.

The above pictures illustrate projects where BIH have supplied as a single radiant modules from the heater fabrication shop. The shipping cost is significant due to the size and weight of the radiant module. In addition due to the large size of the radiant module for this heater, there would be a limited number of ships available in the world with sufficient capacity.

The distance from the heater fabrication shop/sea port to the job site and the in between public highway transport dimension limits, mean that sometimes it is not practical/possible for the modularisation work to be carried out in the heater fabrication shop. In these cases the modularisation work needs to be carried out in a modularisation yard close to the job site.
BIH have experience of designing heaters with the requirement to be shipped in panels and assembled into a single module at the modularisation yard. This solution also minimises the shipping costs. On previous projects this modularisation work has been performed by others. BIH can provide supervision of the module assembly if required.

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