Degrees of Prefabrication and Modularisation

BIH have extensive experience of providing all levels of shop prefabrication starting from panellised designs through to fully dressed modularised designs. In this page we summarise some potential options for higher levels of shop prefabrication.

Deciding on the optimum level of prefabrication/modularisation strategy to suit the project schedule and cost is dependent on many factors which vary project to project. These include:

  • Transport limitations on/off site (including public highway restrictions).
  • Availability of modularisation yard local to job site.
  • Modularisation requires more complex engineering and adds to structural material costs.
  • High shipping cost associated with large modules.
  • Cost and availability of specialist module installation equipment (e.g. self-jacking trailers, large heavy lift cranes etc).
  • Site labour availability and cost.
We would welcome the opportunity of discussing modularisation in detail with our Clients in order to help achieve the project schedule objectives with the overall installed most cost effective solution.

Base Approach – Panellised

We have included for the following degree of prefabrication within our base price:

  • Radiant section supplied in unlined panels with external casing prime painted. Refractory material and anchors supplied loose for field installation.
  • Radiant coils supplied in fully welded and tested banjos.
  • All other items would be supplied loose for site installation.
  • Stack, ducts and breeching supplied in prefabricated lined sections with the external casing prime painted.
  • Convection section supplied in prefabricated modules with all refractory installed and coils fully welded, tested and installed with the external casing prime painted.

Alternative 1 – Lined Panellised

The site work involved in the Base Design can be reduced by installing the refractory lining and process coil tubes for the radiant wall panels. A further benefit is that the shipping volume is not significantly increased with this higher level of prefabrication. It should be noted that the radiant floor refractory and centre process coil tubes would be site installed.
This degree of prefabrication is typical and usually provides the most cost effective split between shop prefabrication, shipping and site work.


Alternative 2 – Modularised

Alternatively the radiant panels and process coil can be assembled into a single module. Vertical cylindrical heaters can be supplied either in the horizontal or vertical as shown below

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