We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop and grow in an effort to be recognised as one of the best in our field. We also know that this isn’t possible without the skills, hard work and dedication of our employees.

When joining BIH we don’t only offer a vast array of career possibilities but also experience with some of the industry’s leading design and process engineers, as well as the chance to take on some of the petrochemical engineering worlds, greatest challenges.

BIH work closely with the biggest names in the petrochemical industry by delivering equipment of the highest quality, dependability and efficiency. Our range in the scope of our work can be from predesigned heaters, heater design concepts or the revamp or upgrade of existing heaters or to the design and development of several multipurpose heaters.

Our drive to succeed and passion for what we do is what makes BIH a leader in the petrochemical field.
If you would like to hear more or become part of our team then please see our current vacancies.

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